Through the exploration of craft, culture, and a desire to connect with the surrounding community, my work is a constant balance of research and implementation.  I am interested in the cliché’s of culture and how once meaningful and often sacred imagery becomes mass-produced or in essence lost in its overuse.  I have a playful style that acts as the first visual utterance, and just beneath this layer, poetic questions of social significance are raised, seeking dialogue with the viewer or expressing a personal inner-dialogue.  Serious play is an apt description.  The use of pattern becomes a coded language creating an aesthetically pleasing surface with an undoubtedly subversive undertone.  The large scale permanent artworks are created in collaboration with my husband, Tanner Coleman through our business AnT Sculpture and Design LLC.  Our collaborative website:


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Brickwork and architectural ceramics are both ancient and labor intensive processes.  Photos of how we create, fire, and install the work can be seen HERE.



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